Lelands New Addition The Vintage Brass Fly Reel

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Leland has a new addition to the family.

The Vintage Brass Fly Reel

Fly fishing reels have an interesting history. These are even now powered by hand. Many people collect vintage reels as a hobby. Leland keep on advancing their technology and offer many sophisticated fly reels. The highly contemporary fly reels may not agree with the aesthetic of the fishing rods. They have now brought to you their latest Vintage Brass Reels series. These reels are innovated by using the original fly fishing items and reels that have proved great aesthetically and functionally. Moreover, they have wisely selected the materials and used the latest manufacturing techniques to create three unique reels. These reels match with a wide range of the top quality fly rods that they sell. These reels aesthetically enhance any fishing rod made of fiberglass, graphite or bamboo.

Leland Vintage Brass Fly Reel Models:

New Zealand Brown Trout, Sierra Nevada Golden Trout and British Columbia Sea Run Frame: The reels are fully machined from solid aluminum blocks and given a long-lasting Teflon-anodized finish. Line-Up: The three models of reels come in three sizes: the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout 2 to 4, the New Zealand Brown Trout 4 to 6 and the British Columbia Sea Run 7 to 8.

Palming: You can do palming by using the finger tips through their reel cage for getting more braking power. This type of palming is an important skill for fly fishing. Click-Pawl Drag: These reels are provided the tested and proven fool-proof click-pawl drag design for their performance for decades. The drag system is provided with stainless steel components to function perfectly for several years.

Brass Hardware: The reels are provided with machined brass line guard, the reel foot and the screws with an exclusive vintage touch. These parts get a subtle patina by years of use in different seasons of fishing. Unlike the resistive drag components, these parts need to distinctly reveal the aging for several years of use. The same consideration is also valid for the stitched leather case meant for every Leland Vintage Brass Reel.

Superior Performance: These reels are made with a standard arbor. They have a slim and tall design to optimize the line pick-up and maximizing line capacity as well. These are undoubtedly high performance fishing reels. They are manufactured with top-quality materials, high precision machining and the best quality anodized finish. Vintage Brass Reels give the top fishing performance.

Leland on the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout Fly Reels:

These are most suitable for small stream angling and are an antique and exceptional choice. You can use bamboo, glass and graphite fly rods. They will give you the performance you look for while plying the small streams. Leland on the British Columbia Sea Run Fly Reel:

It is Leland Vintage Brass Spey Reel with copious aesthetic of Spey fishing and offers you incredible efficiency. It has twin handles, a circular porting and a full-cage type reel frame with a double click-pawl drag and rim-mounted adjustments. It provides an exceptional performance and has a classic look.

Leland on the New Zealand Brown Trout Fly Reel:

The trout fishing is a legendary pursuit in New Zealand. These reels retort with their design and name.

Specifications of Vintage Brass Reels:

Sizes 2/4, 4/6 and 7/8
Time-tested Click and Pawl Type Drag System
Precision machined from aluminum solid block
Teflon anodized
Fully caged reel frame with palming access
Solid brass line guard, reel foot and screw
Laser engraved
Agatine handle
Traditional aesthetic
Standard arbor with plenty of capacity
Easy left-to-right retrieves conversion
Brass-zippered leather case

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