Hardy Considered Worlds Best Produced Fly Reels

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Hardy Fly reels are considered to be the best produced fly reels in the world. They are produced Fortuna X Hardy Reelin Alnwick, England and serviced in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States. The construction of the reels considers the need for the fly reel and rod to be lightweight and yet durable. The fine design, quality materials and attention to the detail of each model equates into a perfectly crafted work of art. Whether constructed from high-grade aluminum or titanium, the ultimate goal for the Hardy fly reels is the creation of lightweight and durable reels that will last. These are qualities for which Hardy fly reels are known.

There are many different models of the Hardy fly reel that will suit the taste of any angular. If there is a need, there is a Hardy reel. The various models follows:

Fortuna X Hardy Reel• The Perfect is truly a perfect trout fishing reel. Made from quality aluminum, this fifteen stainless steel ball-bearing reel operates so smoothly that even the pickiest of all fly fishermen will be pleasantly surprised. Casting with this reel speaks of the sublime.
• The salmon Perfect reel of 2010 in one of the better constructed reels on the market. Features from various designs through the years have been combined into a truly fantastic product. This product has undergone field testing from all previous Hardy Perfect products since 1921.
• The Perfect Taupo fly reel was created and introduced in 1958 in order to accommodate fishing for large rainbow trout in New Zealand. Though only produced for several years, it has remained in demand and so Hardy has come out with its 2011 version of the Perfect Taupo. It is made from solid bar stock aluminum and is hard anodized for greater strength than the 1958 model.
• The Zane Ti Saltwater reel is made from titanium. This is the hardest known metal, with the exception of iron based products. It resists corrosion which makes it ideal for salt water conditions. With the titanium base, it makes this particular reel almost 50 percent lighter than all others. Titanium has created the newest category of reels.
• The St.George is named after St.George, the patron saint of England. It was first created in 1911 and today, the more modern models come in two different sizes. The St.George is 3 inches and the St.George Junior is 2 and 9/16 inches. Good original models are quite rare and can command big money. Collectors are the largest market for such items. There is both a St.George trout reel and a St.George salmon reel.
• The Demon is a great choice for an angular who requires versatility. The other Hardy models have quite expensive spools available to them. In the Demon, Hardy Ltd. came up with a cheaper spool, allowing the angler to thread spools with different weight lines that can be quickly changed while fishing.
• The Uniqua, one of the new Hardy fly reels of today comes in five different sizes, known as Uniqua No.1 through Uniqua No. 5. All five of the reels are extremely light and exceptionally strong. The reel can be changed from one hand to another.

Any fisherman would be proud to own a Hardy fly reel. The name is distinguished and the reel is one of great quality.

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