Galvin Fly Reels: Family Tradition of Quality and Reliability

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Galvan Fly Reels has traditionally produced the highest quality fly reels on the market. Having a high quality fly reel is an essential element of any successful angler’s equipment. A high performance fly rod is a valuable tool for casting and line control, but it is the fly reel itself that is responsible for releasing the fly line smoothly and tangle-free after a big fish is hooked.

Some of the highest quality fly reels in the country are produced right here in the U.S.A. by Galvan fly reels, of Sonora, California. As dedicated anglers know, Sonora, CA is some of the best fly fishing country in the nation. Bonifacio Galvan and his wife, Carmen, started Galvan fly reels over fifteen years ago, combining a dedication to creating high quality, reliable fly reels that last a lifetime with honorable customer service. Today the company is still owned and operated by the Galvan family: Bonifacio, Carmen and their four children. They make all their fly reels in their shop in Sonora, taking pride in their product and the way they produce it.

The Galvan’s create their fly reels using 6061 bar stock aluminum, known for its superior performance in mechanical elements. The same aluminum is used in the construction of air craft and yachts. Galvan fly reels have a one-sided frame, fully ventilated, and two-sided ported spool. This makes for a reel that is strong, resilient and lightweight. The premium materials and construction of Galvan fly reels make them simple to operate. A button releases the spool, and an easy to operate drag knob achieves uncomplicated adjustments on the water. The less time and energy spent on managing the fly reel, the more attention can be given to actually angling.

Galvan fly reels are more than reliable, quality tools for successful fly angling, they are investments designed to last a lifetime. Many fly reel makers cut corners on materials, design, and technology and manufacturing to keep down prices, but this can lead to many problems, including rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion are not only dangers in saltwater fishing; they can become serious issues in freshwater as well. Fly reels that are not well made may be protected by only a coat or two of paint, which can degrade quickly allowing for rust spots to develop, but Galvan fly reels are made highly resistant to rust and corrosion by anodizing, a process that thickens the natural oxide on the surface of metals.

Five series of reels are produced by Galvan fly reels. The affordable Standard and Open Back series both feature a thermoplastic disc drag and two sets of stainless steel ball bearings, offering superior performance. The Standard model, their original, features a basic arbor design. The Open Back series features a large arbor design. The Rush series is an affordable option with a sturdy and strong design, super-smooth drag system, and a basic spool and frame. The Torque series is an elite fly reel, combining quality, reliability and flair, and the Spoke series is a revolutionary new design featuring a light weight, dependability and style. The Rush, Torque and Spoke series all feature large arbor designs with thermoplastic disc drag units, including HPV plastic bushings that are self-lubricating.

Superior fly reels are extremely important when angling for heavier fish, especially saltwater species and large fish like salmon or trout. Even when angling for smaller species, poorly crafted fly reels can tangle the line, causing lost fish, damage to the fly reel and a lot of frustration. It is important to have equipment that is easy to operate, durable and reliable.

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