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As the editor and owner of Best Fly Reels Sale it is up to me to find and choose topics for the Super Seriescontent posted here. I may be jumping the gun just a bit on this topic that has prompted this post, but I am going for it any way. I like to get ahead of my projects so as to work them through with expectations of a good end result.

On to the topic at hand! I am hoping to get feed back from the visitors here and tap into what they are looking for when they come to Fly Reels Sale. I still have many pages and post to do on the many fly reels makers and their many models but for instance I am thinking of handing out new fly reels to people I have come to know and have them use the reels on real fly fishing trips under real situation. Then have them write a fly reel review. In return they get to keep the reel.

Lamson VanquishIt also a cured to me to have the reader write a fly reel review and submit it here in return if I publish the review I would send them  $100. It maybe I do some of both but I would love to here from the readers what they think. I also would like to here for you what kind of articles you are looking for. I have many ideas of my own and they will be posted here but I never was one to think I know all the answers and I think I may have over looked a few.

While on the topic of customer (reader) input I am looking into the layout of this blog and the navigation in hopes of making it not just informational but easy to navigate. Here I would also ask for your input and welcome any and all comments. Blogs are in their nature meant to be used by its visitors and it the main reason I chose a blog for this project in the first place.

Hardy Zane TiI have many project planned for the future that I think will be both fun and informative. It is my hope that you will check back from time to time and see what we are up to. The name is Fly Reels Sale but we are not just about selling reels,we also want to help you get the best fly reel for the type of fly fishing you have in mind.

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