Cortland Fly Reels Created To Suit All Needs

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Cortland carries a wide selection of sporting goods for serious fishermen everywhere, Retro Click Pawl Reelincluding a prized assortment of high quality, Cortland fly reels. These fine reels are created to suit all needs and preferences, while exclusively catering to those who live to fish. Enthusiasts can always count on Cortland to provide the absolute best, as every product is engineered with genuine devotion and passion.

CDM Fly ReelCortland fly reels are offered in a seven unique variations, as each reel is designed exquisitely for many, different types of fishers. The Retro Click Pawl reel is an example of Cortland's work, because this particular product is wonderfully basic. Although the Retro Click is simple, the fly fishing reel maintains remarkable, “Cortland” craft and standards. This reel is comfortably lightweight and engineered of top notch, aluminum, this specialized “airy” feel is especially ideal for beginners. While the Retro Click Pawl reel is a perfect example of Cortland's true excellence.

Cortland's extensive range of fishing goods is of course, deemed as the supreme best in the Endurance Cassette Fly Reeltimeless sport. It therefore, comes to no surprise that Cortland also offers the greatest, fly fishing reels in the industry. With a selection of several fly reels, the Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel shows fishing fanatics that Cortland is certainly dedicated to the classic lifestyle.

Precision XC Large Arbor Fly ReelLike the Retro Click and among other reels, the Pro Cast is also created with a comfortably convenient, light aluminum frame. This fly reel is also extremely tough and durable, especially with a graphite knob and polyurethane rum for additional control and grip. The Pro Cast enables quick spool release, just with an easy touch of a button, which is great for busy sportsmen. As the Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel appeals to the most dedicated fishers, ideal for those who value superior quality, ease and durability.

The Cortland Line Company exclusively embodies the fishing lifestyle, as Cortland is Sterling - Mid Arbor Reel“focused” and “driven” to fishing, the company has much to offer to passionate fishermen. Cortland fly reels are crafted with love, among the brand's own, unsurpassed designs. As the most serious fishermen can find the best fly reel at Cortland, and discover the excellence of the CDM Fly Reel.

The CDM reel is manufactured to ensure all desires, with this remarkable, premium grade reel at Cortland's supreme value. The CDM's cast aluminum style establishes simplicity, while the matte black finish defines durability. This reel is also made with a “sleek center disc drag,” with an accented graphite knob for wanted control.

As this example of the CDM, Retro Click Pawl, Pro Cast Mid-Arbor, among the Cortland's vast variety of other fly fishing reels; Cortland products are considered to be the finest in today's fishing world.

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Comment from Al Jeffy
Time September 21, 2011 at 9:59 pm

I sent the Cortland Endurance Cassette Fly Reels #8 to one of my friends 3 months ago for his Birthday. A couple of weeks ago he sent me a couple of cases of Shiner Bock long neck just to say thank. He has never done that before do I think he must have liked it!! By the way that is my favorite brew.

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