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I was hoping to get a Fly Fishing story for Fly Reels Sale when I planned my most recent trip to P.I.N.S.  My best friend for more than 30 years called a couple of month ago to ask if I was up for a trip to Big Shell an area that is located here in Texas along the Padre Island Nation Seashore (P.I.N.S ) Jim had a new Galvan Fly Reel ( Torque Large Arbor) that he was dieing to try out along with the fact we had not made this fishing trip for years. I later found out our little trip for two was going to be 5 anglers and 3 truck. I also found out that Mike one of our new fishing buds had a new Redington Fly Reel (Surge Series) head over heels to wet a line with.

Redington Surge Series Fly ReelGalvan Totque Fly Reel

I'm glad I fond this out only after we arrived or I might have blown my budget and a new Abel Fly Reel (Super Series) as well. I plan on doing a article on it for Fly Reels Sale when I get it. I guess its time to get to the real topic of this post.

Abel Super Series

The Tent Cot can be a great Fly Fishing Accessory

I had to get one of the Cot Tents after coming across several of them on my last fishing - camping trip to P.I.N.S along the Texas Coast. Went fishing this area it is favorable to be able to pick up camp and move easily.

The freshly redesigned Double Tent Cot, presented by Kamp-Rite, the first choice in off-the-ground camping gear, is definitely an revolutionary advance in camping equipment. The Doubles are the next era in product developed specifically with two people at heart.This brand-new model now includes a redesigned domed top. The additional 12" of headroom not merely enables you to sit up within the tent, but it also removes the issue of accumulated water in case you are trapped in the rain or snow.

There are more types of Tent Cot ( Cot Tents )available like  Cabelas, but I choose the Kamp-Rite to do this article on just because I had to start someplace and this was it. As of this time I am not endorsing any.

These self-contained Cot Tents put you 11" above the snakes, insects, and rodents. The Double Tent Cot,53" wide, 84" long and 36" high. I was surprised at how comfortable  and spacious the cots are and they can handle up to 450 pounds. This version now comes standard with a 3/8" foam pad for additional level of comfort and insulation against the elements. The powder coated light weight aluminum frame is not going to rust or corrode even under the most severe weather situations. All of the Kamp-Rite Tent Cots come standard with a durable travel case rendering it easy to handle while also shielding it during storage and transport. The Cot Tent folds into a compact 53" x 32" x 7" and only weighs 42 pounds. All of the window and door openings have "No-See-Um" mesh screens, letting you take pleasure in the cool night air with no threat of mosquitoes. All openings utilize heavy-duty oversize #10 corrosion resistant nickel sliding zippers. These are easy to close and open and they are color coded, with yellow mesh pulls within the tent and black mesh pulls on the exterior flaps. All of the Kamp-Rite Tent Cots also transform into a flat cot or even a lounge chair.

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