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I was asked to help a friend plan a fly fishing trips in Alaska a couple of days ago. We go Hardy Zane Tiback many years so of coarse I said yes. I found that if I start with Alaska fly fishing videos, it gives me enough info and ideas to get what I need to start planning my trips. A fly fishing video gives you a lot of information although it is wise to remember that the videos are not all their is to planning a fly fishing trip. It is a starting place and no more.
As I got into this I figured it might help some of you plan a fishing fly trip to Alaska or any other fishing trip you might be planning. My friend is hoping to go for Rainbow Trout and Salmon on this trip so I need to help him narrow down the locations and he will need lodging in Alaska as well so we will need to look at this as well.
I looked at many videos but I don't have the room on this website to put them all up but I did include some of them for you to watch just to get you started.

The first Fly Fishing video is catching big Alaska Rainbow Trout.

Lamson Velocity Fly ReelThis second video is about Fly Fishing Lodges Alaska. I found it hard to find videos of this that had enough info. on the fly fishing lodge and less on the fishing itself. The big thing to remember here is just what kind of lodge the you want to stay at on your Alaska Fly Fishing Trip. Do you want to be pampered of would you prefer something a little more on the I want to rough it side of thinks. When I was younger I went for the rough side but now I want to be pampered more.

Here is a Fly Fishing Lodges Alaska Video to get you started.

Now here's something else to think about. Do you want Alaska Fly in Fishing Trips or do you want something else. Here's a video worth some fly in footage just to give you an idea of what a fly in fishing trip can add to the trip. The views you won't see from the ground.

This post is here to get you started and I hope it is of some help. I also know that some

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Drift Series Fly Reel

folks are here for answers that will do all the planning for the. That is up to you, a fly fishing trip like this deserves and requires all your thoughts and wants and I my opinion you are the only one that can getter done. My friend understands that and just wanted to get some help getting started. I sent him a lot more info than I put here in this post but I am not including it here. I am not endorsing anyone company or area in Alaska. I would like to add one more point and again this is my personal preference. I like the smaller outfitter that can still give me the comforts I want. My next comment is not always true but many time the smaller guy lives or dies by how much effort he puts into making a customer happy.

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