Kayak Fly Fishing San Bernard River

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Just a few years ago you never saw anyone Kayak Fly Fishing on the San Bernard River. For that matter its still not a common place event. The last couple of years it seems to be more common in the most popular areas like Galveston, Port A and so on. Maybe I should not talk about my favorite Salt Water Fishing area in Tx. but I have in the past for another Fishing website so now I am going to do it again for Fly Reels Sale and I'm sure I will in the future.

The following is a Kayak Fly Fishing story related to me by a fly angler several years ago, more actually than I care to think about. O well I guess like they say it's better to get old than the alternative. I was having lunch with my fishing buddy Don, at 2 Jay's after fishing that morning down by the Cow Trap. By the way the restaurant is located on the river and is very good and affordable. Even when my son does not feel like fishing he will just so he gets a meal from 2 Jay's.

Fishing Kayak

Fishing From a Kayak

Along the San Bernard and in the general area many side bay's and bayous that are just the kind of place for Salt Water Fly Fishing from a Kayak. Hope you will just trust me on this, I have been fishing this area for 30 plus years. Back to the story.

Jeff is the name of  of the angle that related the story to me and it started as I heard him talking about the fishing the old Intracoastal Waterway. I had not known that this waterway dated back to the day's of the Ox powered Barge and until recently I did not know the exact location this story is about. The old canal is located much closer to the Gulf of Mexico shore line between that and the new Intracoastal.

Well Jeff new of the canal and had fished it from one of those ocean fishing kayaks many times and had some nice photos of large Red Fish, Sea Trout and a mixed bag of others.  I think he was proud of his Redington Fly Reel, he had a few pic's of that as well. That's it that the story. But the real reason for this article was to get you to think of those places that you might not have given much thought to and I like history. This hole area has changed just recently after years of the mouth of this fine river being silted in and after many hours of work by a lot of interested people the mouth of the San Bernard river is open again and the fishing is getting better with time. I can see this area as being one of the hottest fishing ares in Tx. in  a few short years.

Mouth Of The San Bernard River

The Old Intracoastal is located on the right side of this photo about 3/4 of the way up. Look closely and you will find it. If you go on a fishing trip to the are you can find it by looking to the left after you have crossed the New Intracoastal and are heading in the direction of the mouth of the river. It not far after you get past the big bend in the river just after the Intra crossing.

Kayak Fly Fishing Video

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