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I was thinking about Fly Fishing last night. Actually I was trying to come up with a few post idea for Fly Reels Sale. For some reason just as I was dosing off I remembered the first time I tried to Fly Cast. It was not something you would have wanted to see, take my word for it. If you don't think it could have been that bad you could stop off at Lake Buchanan in central Tx.

The whole thing started on one of our many Striped Bass fishing trips. I was around 25 at the time ( which by the way has nothing ti do with the story ). We had found fish early in the day but now the Stripers had turned off. I'm sure you know how it goes when the fish turn off you mind starts wondering. Soon I had seen what would led me to my first Fly Cast and my First Carp on a Fly Reel.

What I saw was a large fish come to the surface and suck down a Grass Hopper. I had seen this several times that day but only now in boredom did I hatch the idea of using the fly rod the guide had stashed away up front. Our guide had made the mistake of telling me it was Carp I was seeing. At first I said Carp only eat veggies but he assured me I was wrong. My guide tried to talk me out of it saying something along the lines of trash fish and no self respecting angler would bother with a darn ( cleaned up his real response a tad ) Carp.

For some reason dead Hoppers could be found fairly easily floating on the lakes surface so I scooped up a couple and was ready to get at it. I hooked that Hopper on the line and had my first attempt at a Fly Cast. I won't spend a lot of time describing just how ugly that cast was but I did manage a 20 foot cast out of that Tibor or a Galvan Fly Reel or perhaps it was a Ross what ever the Fly Reels was.  Now comes the waiting and waiting and just about the time I was convinced I was correct that Carp would not eat a Grass Hopper, I was proven WRONG I've been wrong before and was delighted I was this time. I fought that fish longer that any other fish I had fought up to that time.

The story I described above led to my passion for Carp fishing. Now that's not to say they are on the top of my list but Carp can be found in so many places and are not usually hard to catch once you  get educated on a few fact on fishing or them. By the way it is not rare to find them in the 10 pound and greater rang.

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