Vista Turbine

The Vista turbine fly reels has a revolutionary Turbine Drag. The Vista turbine is immersed in a special multi viscosity oil which produces no inertial friction at start up as the fish runs, it increases the drag.
One of the major company is Cortland, which just has launched latest product of fly reels with the following specifications:

Model                Size                Weight           Diameter           Capacity / 20 lb Micron

654785          Medium              5.9 oz.           3 1/2"                WFS - 8F & 140 + yds.
654792           Large                 7.0 oz.           3 7/8"                WFS - 10F & 220 + yds.

The Vista Turbine reels has aluminum frames and spools. Its one of the feature is that its special textured finish with durability and its environmentally friendly. Fisherman can easily convert it from left to right hand and no tools are required for this activity. It has vented spools and frames due to which its weight is reduced.

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Vista Turbine