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Cortland fly reels and rods are making a great impression lately. You may remember the days of twenty U.S. dollars rod, reel and line packages on the shelves at Walmart and other stores, but those days seem to come to an end with the company. This is a great thing, because the qualities of their fishing rods and reels were greatly improved. They are an attractive product for a good price.

Cortland has a solid reputation for their fly lines for years. After taking a few of their new product reel for a short test drive, we are pleased to see consistency across the board.

Retro Click Pawl Reel

These are pretty cool looking Cortland fly reels and they are well made for $ 130. The reel has a classic look and a classic sound. The market has moved away from the right click style, but Cortland upgraded to new technology demands and the traditional fishermen happy. The reel has a black finish, adjustable resistance, exposed rim for palming, and it comes in a 3 / 4 and weight 5 / 6 weight.
Return to the essence of Fly Fishing with the new lightweight retro Corltand click pawl reel - an appropriate complement to your bamboo, glass or favorite dry fly rod Precision-crafted in exquisite detail from aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized bronze finish and black accents , the Retro has a silky adjustable voltage then made to fine tippets and an exposed palming rim for additional finesse as a big fish is attached to protect.

• Adjustable click-pawl drag
• Lightweight and simplistic
• Machined and anodized
• 2 sizes: # 1 (3 / 4) / # 2 (4 / 5)
• Removable reel
• Exposed edges

Take the time to the above points to consider. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

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