Pro Cast Mid-Arbor

Cortland Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel

Cortland is known for their fly lines for many years. They offer fly reels for the beginners to the hardcore anglers. There is a wide range of fly reels available from them to suit the needs of all.

The Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel is exclusively designed. It has a fascinating  aluminum frame and a spool that make it extremely lightweight for an easier operation. There is a powerful center disc drag for lengthy runs. It is provided with a polyurethane spool handle that gives you a firm grip even with wet cold and wet hands. Moreover, the highly durable exterior polyurethane rim reinforces the grip with its large graphite drag knob, which is quite tough. The ventilated spool and the arbor together are very light and offer super-fast line drying. The spool can be released by just pushing the button. You can easily change the retrieve. If you need, you can buy extra spools in different sizes.

Main Features Cortland Pro Cast Mid-Arbor  Fly Reel:

- It is lightweight, made of cast aluminum for easier operation
- The design is mid-arbor spool type.
- The reel is provided with left or right hand retrieve
- It has an exposed rim
- Provided with smooth and adjustable disc drag
- Has a large size drag knob with rubber lined for better grip
- Has a quick release spool

The Pro Cast fly reel is available with pre-loaded  backing and the premium weight  forward floating line.

Models and Sizes:
Line 3/4,    WF4    Capacity 150 yds. /20lb and weighs 4.8oz.
Line 5/6,    WF5    Capacity 150 yds./20lb and weighs 5.1oz
Line 7/8,    WF8    Capacity 200 yds./20lb and weighs 5.5oz.
Line 9/10,  WF10 Capacity 250 yds. /30lb and weight 7.4oz.

Extra Spools are available in 3/4, 5/6,/7/8 and 9/10 size.
It is very convenient to use.The reel is very light and it has fantastic and reliable disc drag. The reel is exceptionally smooth and very versatile. The look is  very pleasant  and appealing.

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