Endurance Cassette

Cortland Fly Reels are available in a small quality oriented range of seven types of reels in standard, middle and large sizes. These reels are suitable for all types of anglers and you can get them at an affordable price.

The Endurance Cassette Fly Reel comes in exciting versatility and attractive price.

The interchangeable spool cassettes in the newest addition of the reels give it the versatility of using both standard as well as large arbor spools with the same reel. The large arbor gives the benefit for fast retrieving for a quick line up, while the standard arbor provide for an increased line capacity. You can use these reels with additional cassettes on different sized rods.

These Endurance reels also feature an enclosed disc type drag system, which is fully adjustable and has an extensive range of settings. Your fingers will not slip in wet and cold conditions with its non-slip polyurethane drag knob and handle.

The exposed rim helps applying additional drag. You can remove and lock the spool to its frame with the retaining lever. The disc drag is made to be audible for outgoing line and to be silent for retrieve.

The frame is cast, machined and fixed with durable quality polycarbonate cassettes that give it strength and lighter weight. Moreover, its center mounted cork composite disc is extra smooth for adjusting drag from low to maximum power. These reels come in matte silver color finish.

You can buy extra spools to get more versatility. The smaller and lighter reels can have the line easily entangled. The following table shows the specifications of each of Endurance Large Arbor Fly reels.

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Endurance Cassette Fly Reel

Model       Large Arbor                          Standard Arbor

3/4/5/6     WF4 100 yds. 20 Micron     WF6 200 yds. 20 Micron

7/8/9/10   WF8 150 yds. 20 Micron     WF10 350 yds. 20 Micron.