Cortlands CDM Fly Reel a Safe Bet for Fly Anglers

Fly fishing is more of an art form than a recreation. Fly fishermen often have a large repertoire of techniques they call upon depending on the habitat in which they are fishing. For example, fishing in a still lake might involve lightly trailing a wooly bugger behind a boat, whereas fly fishing in saltwater is done with heavier gear and attempts to make flies resemble small fish or crabs. When people think of fly fishing, few realize the nuances and technical changes that occur when a fly angler moves to a new environment.

To make these changes, a fly angler must have the proper gear. A fly fisherman generally possesses rods of varying weights, which are suitable for different sizes of fish and the varying conditions they are being caught in. Fly lines vary for salt and freshwater conditions. A number of other items will go into making up a fly angler's tackle box, including hooks, flies, and fly boxes.

Perhaps the most important item in the tackle box, however, is the type of fly reel an angler uses. Fly reels are where the fly line is stored. A fly fisherman manually controls the line distributed by the reel, pulling excess line out with one hand and holding the rod with the other. Flawless reel operation is thus necessary to control the fly bait and any fight to bring in any fish that may potentially bite. Thus, having a quality reel like the Cortland CDM Fly Reel is essential. Cortland’s CDM Fly Reel use a cast aluminum, counter-weighted mid-arbor spool design reel that allows for rapid line retrieval. The CDM reel has the look and feel of a premium reel, but at a much lower price. Cortland has been around since 1915, and has produced high quality fly fishing gear since that time. Thus, a Cortland reel is a safe bet for fly fishing in any environment.

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