The Abel Trout TR Series Standard Arbor Fly Reel is a true classic fly trout reel complete with demonstrated performances. Based on 4 sizes with many finish along with handle options to choose from. They envelop fly line sizes #1 up to #8. It is an honest classic click-drag trout reel!

The Abel TR Fly Reel is created from prime aircraft level aluminum bar stock, they are all machined to rigorous specifications and fitted with a outstanding rosewood handle and plug. The state-of-the-art entirely encased internal click drag system using two variable hex nuts offers you a nearly unrestricted array of control of both outgoing plus incoming click, plus rim management. The end result is the top traditional trout and small bass fly fishing reel you will find. These 3 sizes of fishing reels accommodate lines 1- to 8-weight.

The Trout Series fly reels from Abel have two variable hex nuts that create pressure on a sheet metal spring an additional spring is included inside a pocket on the also included cordura reel case. This tension is the drag system. Seriously, it is for the most part all the drag a fly fishing angler needs in a fly reel for almost all trout fishing occasions. Truly adjustable drag reels around this price range means they are a legitimate alternative. Furthermore, you will want to pick prior to moving out because the drag is only 'adjustable' by turning these hex nuts with the reel spool detached.

The rosewood plug and handle are still the basic, as is the black finish. Having said that, aluminum handles in addition to their creative finishes are currently options with a variety of levels of added cost based on your choices. The finishes available are far too varied to list and also feature custom alternatives. Laser engraving is available as well.

Trout Series Fly Reel
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