Super Series

Abel didn’t develop the large arbor fly reel, however their Super Series certainly has accomplished the embodiment of this concept; the best balance concerning hub diameter plus spool capacity. No wonder these Abel fly reels have taken the fly fishing world by storm! Exactly why large arbor? Faster line pick up, better drag continuity and less line coil than standard arbor reels.

The Abel Super Series fly reels feature a super sized cork drag disk that insures reliable smoothness with an ultra low start up inertia plus the stopping power to whip fish rapidly. Both frame and spool are incredibly sturdy and rigid, but lightweight due to their beautifully produced oblong porting. The inner workings of all the Abel fly fishing reels are their unique "Stop-a-Sub" drag system. Most fish are generally sacrificed at both the strike and at landing. Abel's drag system offers basically no stutter or hesitation; so more fish will be hooked and netted. It's as smooth as silk for a superb reason... to boost the chances of you landing that fish of your life.

Abel Large Arbor Super Series Reels have spools which are 100% exchangeable with spools of comparable-size standard Abel Big Game Reels. Example: with a Big Game #3 and Super 8 frame spare spool, you have created two completely unique  fishing reels with different capabilities and capacities. The Abel Super 8 holds an 8-weight line with 200 yards of 20# backing, the perfect tool for school stripers, Bonefish and Red fish; in turn the interchangeable #3 spool will hold a 12-weight line plus 250 yards of 30# backing for Sailfish and tarpon among others large species.

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Able Super Series