Although anti-reverse fishing reels are generally heavier as opposed to their direct drive counterparts, the amazing Abel Anti-Reverse Fly Fishing Reel Series, along with computer specific oblong porting throughout, these Abel's are the most reliable and lightest anti-reverse fly fishing reels in the marketplace, together with the fewest moving parts. When it comes right down to dealing with strong fish, in particular big game saltwater fish, there's two defined camps when it comes to picking fly fishing reels. Direct drive reels would be the most frequent selection for fishers, yet in the middle of the fight, a rapidly revolving reel handle during a sizzling run is able to do some really major injury to finger, hands, or knuckles if you’re not careful. Because of this, many people like the safety of an anti-reverse construction for their big game fly reels.

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), say's Abel Fly Reels had been used to set 56 Fly Fishing World Records during 2006 . These World Record catches were for both fresh as well as saltwater fish in a range of tippet and species classes.

Contemplate an Abel Anti-Reverse fly reel should you be sick and tired of fishing reels that bruise your knuckles, break your nails so on and so forth.

Made in the USA.

2010 marked the 16th year Abel has been making the Anti-Reverse Reels.

Certified FAA TSO C149 Aircraft Bearings. Teflon sealed bearings are ISO9001:2000 and AS9100.

Spool, Reel frame, foot and drag knob are 6061-T651 aerospace cold finished grade aluminum.

Cork Drag Systems are made entirely in their factory.  Superior high grade Portuguese cork with a little neat's-foot oil on it.

Double Pawl System:  All Anti-Reverse reels are built using the not too long ago up-graded double pawl system. Benefits consist of: improved Unique sound, reliability, and back-up strength.

Abel has the industry's only sealed ball bearing structure.

More dependable, lighter, and the fewest moving pieces in the Anti-Reverse fly reel market.

Each Abel Anti-Reverse reel includes its own wrench for spool removal.

Flexabelity to Interchange both standard and large arbor spools.

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